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Ask, What I Shall Do For Thee

I was recently inspired while reading the story of Solomon in II Chronicles 1. God asked Solomon in a dream to, “Ask, What I Shall Give Thee”. Solomon’s motive an objectives were right when he asked for wisdom and knowledge because God answered by giving him what he asked for. But God also did the exceeding, abundant, above, all Solomon could ask or think by giving him wealth, fame, and peace with his enemies. What stirred me is that this question was being asked to Solomon but also showing that God wanted to do the same for us. He is not a respecter of persons. It is the will of God for you to be in good health and to prosper. He simply wants you to ask. This means an action must occur on our part when the question is presented and made alive to you. The brothers on the Emaus road asked Jesus to join them for the evening and in that moment they realized who was walking and talking to them on their journey. It was only after they asked, that they saw the supernatural. It was only after the prophet asked that he saw the creation of  squirrels. It was only after Hattie Wright asked that she saw her 2 sons saved. I encourage you to answer God in this question of “Ask, What I Shall Do Unto Theee”. In answering the question, ask abundantly, because God wants to do something special for you.

E-62  I believe that the church of the living God is moving into a sphere now that’s going to shake the whole world. That’s the first time it’s been since the days of Jesus of Nazareth to a human being. “Ask anything that you will, and it shall be given unto you, anything you desire.” Don’t you see the words of Jesus Christ being fulfilled? Oh, it’s going to come to pass pretty soon. I’m looking for it to happen in this meeting. I’m wanting it to happen now, that that anointing will strike the whole church of the living God, and she’ll rise to her feet like a mighty marching army. The sick will be healed by a word; the blind will see; the deaf will hear; the dead will be raised up; and the power of God will shake the world with the church of the living God. We’re in the process of it now. I believe it’s soon coming to pass. I believe it will be just exactly that way. I believe it’s going to strike the church of God soon, and it’s going to start a revival that’ll shake the world. I believe it.
William Marion Branham


Ask big things,
Pastor Jack E. Duff

Pastor Jack E. Duff

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  1. Church I was blessed in so many ways by Sunday’s service. Many times over the years I have heard about giving. But I had never heard it in the light that Bro. Diggs presented it. It’s easy to give to someone when you have to give. But it’s not to easy to give, knowing that you really can’t afford to give. Just by me hearing and saying Amen to that, it was not enough until I put what I heard in action. Then I thouhgt about a poor widow woman in Mark 12:40-44. She gave the most, when she gave the least. Jesus said to the others around Him that she put in more than all the others, because she contributed from her poverty. She put in all she had, but the others did not do that. Remember the rich young ruler couldn’t give all he had away. In I Kings 17 another poor widow woman and her son, only had enough for the two of them. It was their last meal, but she gave to Elijah the Prothet first. Not many can give like that. You see that widow woman in I Kings 17 is a type of the church. They are the ones that can give like the that. The Bride knows that her treasures are laid up in heaven. Always remember tat little is much if it is in Jesus hands. Like the 2 fishes and the loaves. God bless you Bro. Diggs. You got to have a revelation from God to see and apply this. Now I see that when I grasp what the minister is preaching about and I agree to it by saying me amen, then I got to go and live it. I trust that many others was blessed in that on Sunday, December 18, 2016.

    God bless you saints,
    Bro. Leeroy Franklin

  2. Amen and AMEN!

    May God give us the spirit of discernment to know what to ask for.

    God bless!
    Sister Jenny

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