Praise Reports

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  1. Hi my name is Martha from England (Spoken Word Ministries). We all hope to see u back in England so that u can give us another one of your powerful messages. God bless you

  2. Shalom, this is Str Janet from Spken Word Ministries UK. Just to say thank you for blessing us this Easter, Bro Duff and family. Your presence brought such joy and encouragement. The singing, the preaching as well as testimonies all is truely appreciated and it goes to show God loves us indeed and we gonna have a mighty good time Up Yonder. If you don’t come back soon then i’ll see you at STT, if neither of this happens then definitely i’ll see you in Glory.

    May God richly bless you according to His riches.

  3. helo.. i’m Hope from UK (S.W.M). I was tremendously blessed by your presence on Easter. As for the singing it was just out of this world. Your singing is world class!!!
    Hope you will pay another visit.
    God Bless you Bro Jack!!!!

  4. Shalom. Sister Hope here from the UK, and yes the first two are my lil sisters. Well what can I say, I truly enjoyed ya’ll coming down to the meetings. God has truly blessed you with a talented or should I say gifted family. May the Almighty bless your Ministry Bro Jack, and your family as well. Was good to see the sister on the bass.
    I will be coming down there soon, so be on the look out. Oh and the girls, dont forget to teach them how the lips praise the Lord huh…:)

    God Bless you, spiritually, physically, materially and financially.

  5. Hi, l’m Faith from England. I really enjoyed your visit during Easter you were such a blessing. The worship songs really blessed my heart and hope you will be coming back very soon.
    God bless you richly and all your family

  6. Hello, I’m Charity from England and like Richard said, thank you all for joining us this Easter. It was brilliant and you guys were phenomenal. Loved the sermon by Bro Jack, loved the singing and loved the playing. I was very inspired by everything and sure hope to see you all soon back in England!!!

    God bless you loads and loads

  7. Richard Nyambuya

    My name is Richard from England (Spoken word Ministries). Just wanted to personaly say thank you for joining us this Easter. You was such a blessing. I did not manage to get a copy of your album because they ran out so quickly. Hope to see you back in England in the near future

    May the Lord continue to bless you.

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