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  1. To God’s people

    I have been really blessed by simply watching the DVDs of the convention in Zimbabwe. I would have wanted to be there but could not be. Nevertheless, the way you guys ministered was such a blessing. I praise God for the strength and gifts He has placed in His Bride. May God continue to bless you more and more and more and use you for His kingdom. To God be the glory.

    Bro.Caleb, Sis. Rachel, & the Duff sisters: I was really blessed by ‘I give you more’, and surely that has become my one and most earnest desire. God bless you


  2. Farai Robert M Chikosi

    Bro Jack

    God bless you more and more, i was blessed with the way you ministered in songs and in preaching.

    I really liked that Emmanuel song i cant stop it from playing in my head .

    God add more spiritual and natural blessings unto thee.
    we hope to see you soon in Zimbabwe.
    “…let the fire fall…”


  3. The revival fire that broke out in UK at Bro Wisper’s church was such a turnaround for the youth (especially those who were born in the message). People I had written off as nonconvertible got to their turning points. Most of them are now actively taking part in the ministry and being such a blessing when they used to be the cause of tears to their parents and pastor. The extent of rebellion and defiance that some of the young people confessed they were in is such as I have never seen.

    But all this was put to a halt when the Holy Ghost revival started. People were told to clean up their lives and a three day fast was proclaimed.After the fast there was a prayer line for those who wanted the Holy Ghost. Things began happening from there. People were touched in many different ways. Others would be slain in the Spirit and others would break out screaming and shouting or clapping hands. All the emotions having faded, lives were changed.

    Some friendships were broken and some were initiated. There was such a shaking it was sound-barrier-passing time. Some people in the confusion momentarily drew back and stopped coming to church wondering what really was happening.

    Now I have always been praying for the same experience to be brought to our youths in Zimbabwe. We had a great time in the Lord at the meetings. One thing that stands out to me really, is the last sermon that Bro Jack preached. It was entitled “All things are ready let the fire fall”. Rarely do ministers choose such a topic on a convention. So I was happy in my heart that he had preached that sermon. To my utter surprise and positive amazement after the service our pastor Bro G.S. Chitsinde announced there was to be a youth meeting, the next Saturday. This meeting was concentrating on the youth receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

    So the meeting we had the next Saturday after Bro Jack had left was dedicated for that. We did the whole day at church. Started around 10am. The youths from UK were in the forefront. In my opinion the sole purpose they had come was to light a fire in our youth. And as the saying goes “A candle looses nothing by lighting another candle”. The first service was titled: A desperate hour. The second service is where things happened. I didn’t even go on break between the 1st and 2nd service. I was praying. He preached another message and after that message we had a prayer line.

    There was such an anointing at that prayer line. I was one of the last people who went on the line since we were ministering in music as the line proceeded. But when I got into the line, I had told myself, I’m not going to fall down….I am going to get the Holy Ghost anyhow…but I want to walk through the line. Walk I did, until I got to where Bro. Wisper was. When he laid hands on me I just blacked out and part of me was still conscious so I fruitlessly tried to stay upright and maintain my balance but I could not. I was carried off the platform. It dawned to me that you can’t tell God how to fill you. He does what He wants when He does arrive!

    Our youth have been changed and its just amazing and so sublime to see people who were the bad guys and would sit at the back of the church regularly going out to buy gum to suppress cigarette smell, now spending the whole service standing saying amen to the word.

    The sermon Bro Jack preached on the last day “All things are ready let the fire fall” did something to the culmination of this revival. To tell you the truth. This last convention was the best convention I have ever attended in my short lil life. The young people, preachers, parents were quoting “let the fire fall”.

    Bro Jack

    You heeded to God’s call to preach a sermon like that on a convention. Normally preachers preach on sermons of exhortation and blessing the people. But to preach what you did was just submission to the Holy Ghost. God bless you through ceaseless ages.


  4. Church, last night service January 4, 2012, was truly a blessing to me. I can feel in my heart God speaking to me. What a blessing that bible study was. I can clearly see the burden on our pastor’s heart, about what God wants our local church body to do in the church. Positioned and placed by God to be a blessing in the church. I really needed to here that and looking forward to the upcoming bible studies. I am being honest. As of today, I don’t know my place in the church body. I thought at one time I did, but I found out later I was wrong. Then another time I thought something else but was wrong again. I am tired of being wrong. I am scared that I will be wrong again so now I just sit and listen to the Word and I wait on God to place me not man. Listen to this. The devil wants us to be lower than what God wants us to be, but the devil wants to be higher than what God wants him to be. He said in Isaiah 14:14 that he has corrupt thinking. He said I will be like the most high God. That is a powerful statement from the devil. I am realizing more and more someone might know God’s will for their life. The problem is waiting for God’s time to fulfill it in your life. Not our time, but God’s time. I can’t fit in your slot, nor can you fit in my slot. Our position in the body is tailor made by the maker God. Whatever you do don’t let the devil try to place you, just wait on God. Remember this each church age got to live out its anointing for that church age. This one is the eagle anointing.

    God Bless you,
    Bro. Leeroy

  5. A praise report to God, for the acquire the fire meeting in St. Augustine, Floridan and for supplying all my needs. God answered the questions that was on my heart, told me my condition that I am in, and also told me all the all the things that I am going through. Only the Holy Spirit can do that. It’s supernatural. The Holy Spirit also told me that I need to surrender more of myself to God. God spoke through those brothers directly to me. It clearly indicated that God wanted a conference with me. A call went out to whosoever will to come. Well I answered that call. I didn’t go up to the altar, because the altar was right in my seat. There I cried out to GOD. I repented right quickly. I also learned one of Satan’s main tools is that he uses on us is discouragement. A powerful weapon that he got. I learned not to become discouraged when things are not going my way, or when going through trials and tests. I got to look beyond that and encourage myself. There is no one that can encourage me like I can encourage myself. Also there is no one that can discourage me like I can discourage myself. I choose to encourage not to discourage. My mind takes me back not long ago our very own Pastor, Bro. Jack, spoke about King David in a situation. He had to encourage himself. What conformation that is. On Sunday morning the brother at the meeting spoke about redemption. What a message! What a difference on how the devil sees me and how God sees me. The devil will always see my mistakes, my faults, and my failures. But praise God, God sees me perfect, spotless, blameless, and does not see my mistakes, faults, and failures. It’s in the sea of forgetfulness. Praise the Lord. God cannot even judge me, because I have been judged and already found blameless. This may be strong, God cannot even judge the devil now. Why, he was already judged in heaven. When Satan when fell from heaven he was condemned to the pits of hell. That is why the devil was not judged in the garden of Eden, for trying Job, or for all the bad things that he is doing to the saints. His day is coming and he knows it. Why, in the bible says that those demons asked Jesus, are you come to torment us before the time? What time; when they get their reward in hell.

    May God richly bless you,
    Bro. Leeroy

  6. Well, God’s blessings be upon us again. This will be the third Acquire the Fire meetings. Our, church sponsored the first 2. This year the Holy Spirit moved on a pastor from St. Augustine, Fl to host the third Acquire the Fire meetings. Another pastor with the same vision. I give God praise for that. I am very excited about the upcoming meeting. What amazes me is that it is focused on the youth. The last 2 Acquire the Fire meetings, I got so much out of those meetings. Why, because I pulled on the Word of God. God is no respecter of persons. Whoever will come hungry and pull on the Word of God will be fed you. Whatever you need. I been around a very long time, but I consider myself a youth and also a young man in a time body. One day I will be a young never to be old no more. What a youth meeting that will be with our Lord and Savior in His kingdom. The meeting we have now is only a rehearsal of what’s to come. That’s the reason I try to press harder to go to the youth meetings, to encourage them. If the youth can support me an adult in our services, why can’t I support them in their meetings as well. They only have about 2 or maybe 3 services for them a year, while adult have meetings about maybe 80 or 90 a year. I am looking for God to really move in all the upcoming Acquire the Fire meetings. I know he is going to. That’s why, I am going to be there. Again I stress on that eternal gathering for the youth in heaven, all young, all the same age, all got eternal life, in a paradise called Eden. I encourage all the young people to get that fire down in your soul. The same as it was in the book of Acts. In Acts 2, 3, and 4 they acquired the fire. What they got is the same for you as well. God, one big fire broke Himself or divided Himself to come into you. The bible says that is was cloven tongues. Cloven means split or to divide. That’s what God did that day. I always wonder why cloven tongues, and not cloven hands, or cloven back, or cloven legs. I do not know, but I do know the tongue is in the mouth. The mouth and the tongue got to do with our language, our speech.

    God Bless You,
    Bro. Leeroy

  7. Bro. Leeroy Franlin

    God bless you, Bro. Caleb. Brother I stand at attention and salute you. Not as a military man in the armed forces, but a military man in God’s army. Truly a soldier of the cross, a true soldier in the army of the Lord that knows how to handle that 2 edged sword of God. Today October 23, 2011 was a very very good meal, that you served, brother. I licked my fingers and my plate as well. I will say again and again, what a meal. My grand mother used to say foods like black eyed peas, collard greens, cabbage, is soul food. What I ate today is the real down home spiritual soul food. At one point in the service I stood in awe. The words that you spoke were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Now I can see things a different way now. I know now that I can look at my situation the right way or the wrong way. My mind goes back to the 2 thieves on the cross, one on the right side the other on the left side. They were in the same situation. Both looked at it a different way. There choice of view was there outcome. One wanted a sign and the other wanted to be forgiven and saved. Now I see myself, the way God sees me. Whatever happens in my life, I am looking to the end results. Thank you once again brother. Keep yielding your self to God.

    God Richly bless you my brother,
    Bro. Leeroy

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