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  1. Brother Matthew

    Praise the name of Jesus Christ, the one true and most high God. I came across this website and see that the Word of God is preaching concerning who Jesus Christ really is, God Almighty. What is the website’s position concerning being born again of the water and of the Spirit according to John 3:3-5? Is the Apostolic message preached concerning being born again, that is, having faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism in water by immersion in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38, among others), and receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost, speaking with other tongues as the Spirit of God gives the utterance (Acts 2:4, among others)?
    Be strong in the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of His might!
    In the name of Jesus Christ,
    Bro. Matthew

  2. I would like to briefly thank God, for his Word. This is the food that has been provided for us to eat. It is an evening time meal especially prepared for an evening time people. What a joy for we can never run out of this spiritual food. They ate MANNA all the way to the promise land and notice the MANNA came down in the evening time, you will find this in Exodus 16.It’s the same with us, we will eat heavenly food, all the way until we get into our promise land. What a blessing we got MANNA on books and tapes from God’s prophet who was an evening time prophet, with a evening time message, preparing to feed an evening time people. We also have God’s five-fold ministry in Ephesians 4;11 who continue to feed us out of the bible, along with the tapes and books.

    Look at this. God is the master chef and He gives his menu to the other chefs that were hired and works for Him. They have their cooking degrees from heaven’s master cooking school. They season, dress, and serve the spiritual food to us sheep. They feed us according to our everyday needs. We are all eating sheep food, but we are different. I will use chicken here as an example, Some like it fried, some like it baked, some like it grilled, and some like it boiled. Our taste buds are different from one another. Keep in mind it’s the same chicken now. This is a type of the five-fold ministry. Even when looking at the 4 gospels, Matthew, Mark Luke, and John. They were all with Jesus and seen what he did, but they told it a little different. Why, because they were different from each other. Another example is Luke was the only one that mention the prodigal son in Luke 15. John started out in the beginning was the Word, Matthew started out with the generations of Jesus Christ. I trust you get my picture.

    Another example is Bro. Branham was a major prophet and he did miracles and had visions. John the Baptist was also a major prophet and he did no miracles but did see visions. Both were major prophets. Elijah the Tishbite was a major prophet as well as the others. He did something different from the other 2 major prophets, All had the spirit of Elijah on them, but were still different from one another.

    Now back to my type on the sheep as believers. Some like the Word preached in types only, some like the Word preached in a drama setting, some like it preached by reading a lot of verses, some don’t like all that reading, some like only one scripture read to them, some like to here only Jesus, some like to here Apostle Paul a lot, and some like to here Bro. Branham a lot. There is nothing wrong with any of these as this is called personal preference. As believers we all got different needs. Only God himself knows what we need.

    See ministers, preach according to the ability that God gave to them. You will find that in I Peter 4;11 and it coincides with Ephesians 4;11 as well. Remember God is a God of variety. Imagine if there was only 1 tape to listen to. After a while we will get tired of hearing that 1 tape over and over. That’s why God had his prophet in this last day to store up over 1100 tapes. Wow, no other prophet did that. Paul wrote many letters, other prophets wrote too, but no one ever stored over 1100 sermons. What a blessing that is to us. In exodus 16:31 and 32. God told Moses to store up some MANNA to keep from generation to generation as a testimony that they were fed by God in the wilderness. With the bible, the tapes, and books, the five-fold ministry, we got a lot to eat on, I got a good appetite. Like a computer, I got a lot of memory so I can keep eating and eating,

    Here is another type. Say I got 5 children. They all want some ice cream, One likes vanilla, one likes chocolate, one likes strawberry, one like cherry, and one likes banana. The flavors are different, but it’s all ice cream. Our churches are different. Maybe our rules are a little different, but we all believe the same God and we also believe the same prophet in this last day that God sent to us. It’s all about fellowship.

    May God Bless You
    Bro. Leeroy

  3. Sorry once again, I got to comment on Sunday morning’s message. I will start out with what he said about fear, All I can say is that was God. That brother was all in my mind, all in my life, and all in my past,. Wow! To be honest, fear is a deadly weapon, that the devil uses against me. As a child I was very, very shy. I didn’t know how to relate to other children. I have always been a lonely person. Being lonely on a desert is bad, but being lonely in a crowd of 300 people is worse. Over the years I have been trying to shake it, I just keep having a hard time doing it. Please pray in that area for me..

    I also enjoyed the brother comments on Daniel 3. Those 3 captives stood for God. They passed there test. Look at this type. They didn’t bow down to the king’s image, and we will not bow down to the devil’s worldly images. Because of there choice, the fiery furnace was heated up 7 times hotter than before. Because of our decision to stand for God, our test will be 7 times harder than before we were Christians. Notice they fell down bound into the furnace. When the king saw them, they was loose and walking around having a good time praising God in the midst of the furnace. They were not alone as Jesus was in the house or test, Jesus said I will never leave you or forsake you. Sometimes the devil just might bind us up in a trial. Just remember this one thing, in the midst of tribulation we will walk out of that test or trial victorious. I always wonder why Daniel was not in the fire furnace. That was not his test. His test was different from the rest of the believers. His test was in the lions den. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego was in the lions den test. Every believer will have different test from each other.

    God Bless You,
    Bro. Leeroy

  4. Church, God bless you. The message on Sunday, August 5, 2012 that service was so good. I listened to it again and I also listened to Bro. Smiley and Bro. Diggs over again. Notice all 3 brothers spoke about giving more to God. God is trying to get us to see something. What I see is the law of reaping and sowing is so powerful. It does not only apply to a Christian, but to a sinner as well or who so ever will do it. I found out that Bill Gates is one of the most giving men in the world. He is also one of the richest in the world. We hear it all the time, we will reap what we sow. Galatians 6:7 speaks about this. All 3 ministers at sometime in their sermon spoke about tithes and offerings. I was so bless to here that and quickly my thoughts were directed to Malachi 3:8 which talks about robbing God. Think about it, robbing anyone or anything is bad. But robbing God is worst. We know what rob means. It is to steal or take something that’s not yours. Here’s a type. Let’s say that someone robs a bank gets all the money. When that same person goes to the bank to the bank to get some money, the funds are empty. The money supply is temporarily off. It’s the same with God. We can pray, pray, and pray, do good to people, help the sick or the aged people, but not paying tithes and offering. Your blessing will come up empty because heaven’s bank is closed to you. Say I offer 1 dollar every time in offering. I sowed 1 dollar and I will get one dollar in blessings as well. Not only in tithes and offering, but where we sometimes miss out on sowing and reaping is in another area. This applies to a person or someone we are doing wrong. It will come back on us. This is a powerful statement. Say we treat or wrong someone or treat them badly. Even if we repent and God forgive us, we will not escape the law of sowing and reaping. An example is what King David did to Uriah by sleeping with is wife. Sure David repented to and God forgave him but he couldn’t escape his punishment. He reaped what he sowed. God used the rod of correction. You can read it in 2 Samuel 12:10. What he did to another man’s wife, came on his house. Here is another example of when Jacob deceived Esau and stole from him the birthright and his blessing. In Genesis 27 Jacob reaped what he sowed. He deceived Esau,but his father-in-law Laban deceived him. It all came back on Jacob and you will find the story in Genesis 31:6-10. Always remember that no one can escape the law of reaping and sowing, because its God’s law.

    God bless you,
    Bro. Leeroy

  5. God gave a gift to the young people in the bride world when you were born. A brother who encourages and lifts people up especially we the young people. Brother Jack you are someone who spends energy on others rather than himself, who touches each life he enters & makes a difference in the world. May the love you have shown to every young person in the message of the hour return to you multiplied. Thanks so much for your time spent with us in Tema, Ghana. Thanks so much for the songs you sang especially the song AWESOME. It was such a blessing. My Life is changed after this past weekend with you. God richly bless you real good. Amen

  6. God bless you so much Bro Jack. Your stay with us this weekend in Tema,Ghana was such a blessing. The whole weekend with you was such a blessing especially for the young people of the Vertical Centre Restoration Tabernacle in Tema Ghana. God bless you and your wife. I learned so much from you from the outing we had with you when we went for the youth trip.

  7. Tendai Leona Muchenje

    Br Jack,
    Words alone cannot express my gratitude as to what our Good Lord has done and is still doing for me since you preached your last sermon at the convention’All things are ready,let the fire fall.’That sermon really did something to me. It has become a stepping stone in my new walk with Christ,because from thereon, my life has never been the same. I now know what it is to be a real born-again youth. After your message,the youth meeting we had with Br Wisper and the youths from the U.K had a huge impact on me. I just thank God for using you as a vessel to minister unto us,in both preaching and in song. May God richly bless you in your ministry!

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