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  1. Lately I’ve been asking God for a lot of things for myself, others, and our churches. I am really expecting God to pour out His Spirit on all of us that we’ll never be the same. I want a change in my life and everyone else around me. So I encourage you all never stop praying for God’s power to fall on us. I believe that once it does we’ll never want to leave it again.

  2. During and after the Acquire the Fire meetings something happened in my life that I wanted to share…

    There were many alter calls during the course of the meetings of which I did not participate in any (not because I didn’t want to.) I sat on the piano (or organ) and prayed to myself while playing “I Surrender All” or “Create in Me a Clean Heart.” It seemed those songs became more and more personal to me as the meetings went on… However, while everyone else cried out to God for forgiveness and salvation, I sat there at my post of duty… And just prayed… No tears, no screaming, no falling out… Just praying…

    At first, I believed something was wrong with me… I wasn’t emotional like the rest. How could this be? Was the spirit of God moving and I’d become so desensitized to the “tradition” of a regular alter call that I didn’t feel the need to enter in? Of course I worried greatly about this and prayed even more aggressively… Soon I found myself trying to MAKE an emotional workup. I later realized it doesn’t work like that…

    I came out of the meetings with an assurance that God had done something in my life. However, I only felt that I Acquired the “Spark” and not the “Fire.” Troubled, I prayed God for an answer to this mind battle, for the SAME THING happened LAST Acquire the fire meetings… I began to remember the church saying we were going into “Revival” during the meetings… We often acquaint the word revival to the beach; for the waters beat against the beach vigorously washing the trash on the shore… They say the tall waves and loud hard splashes is the oceans way of getting rid of the trash… Well, there were no vigorous cries of forgiveness and/or salvation coming forth from me. I didn’t “vigorously” jump up and down screaming and hollering… What was wrong?!

    What was wrong… My approach. God later showed me that, even in the calmest times of the day, those waves still beat on the beach shores. Slowly they come in, slowly they go out. Still, a cleansing is taking place. Everyone has their own ways of experiencing God. Some may jump, some may cry, some may just pray silently. The point is, however, to reach God. Revival isn’t something that takes places on the outside… Revival is an inward cleansing that expresses itself outwardly. Going to the beach, you see the waves; however, you don’t see where they start. You don’t see the push they give just to get to that point where they can let it all go on the sandy beaches. I believe God has started a revival in me and I am pushing and pressing with all I know. I’ve come too far to allow the devil to tell me I’ve gone too in the wrong direction.

    Today, God reminded and showed me two pieces of writing I wrote after last year’s Acquire the Fire. The first exert from the first writing said, “Devil, you may have made me feel that I only Acquired a Spark from Acquire the Fire; however, I am going to use that spark to light up your world.” The second exert came from an entry I made expressing a time, much like this time, where I didn’t feel “emotional” when I prayed… At this time I was praying for God to forgive my past sins. I’d asked Him before and felt like I was forgiven; yet I found myself BACK in prayer asking Him to forgive me of the SAME sins… Here is what the entry said:

    “I went on for months not feeling guilty for the sins I had committed in the past. I went crazy thinking, “Oh no! I don’t even care that I committed the sins! Does this mean that my heart has turned hard? That I don’t care anymore when I sin?” I questioned my faith sooo many times over the last couple of weeks…

    Last night we had prayer service and I began to cry out to God to give me that same Zeal for him that Jehu had in 2 Kings 10:16…. And then I said, “Lord forgive me of the sins I committed so many years ago!!!”….. Once again, I felt no guilt for the sins…. Like, I didn’t care that they even happened. So I started crying saying I had lost my Zeal for God and that sinning didn’t matter to me anymore… yada yada yada… Then I said, “God why don’t I feel guilty??” The answer was so self checking it sent me into another stream of tears!!

    God said, “You asked me to forgive you and help you to forget the sins. You asked me to take the guilt away… Now you’re asking me to give you that guilt back??” Now I was crying for God to forgive my unbelief. Lol. Then Mark 3:28 struck my heart. I had never read that scripture before and kept thinking, “Oh this is one of those moments that every Christian wants to have. That moment where they can say Oh God gave me this scripture.” I thought I was just trying to make a “Moment” for myself. Lol. So, anyways, I was like, “No, lm going to keep praying.” But it was in my heart so deep to turn to Mark 3:28… I kept saying “I don’t even know if there are 28 versus in mark 3!!” Lol. I still don’t know how many versus are in Mark 3! But, finally, I picked up my Bible and turned to Mark 3:28 and it said:

    ‘Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men…’”

    I thank God for bringing these experiences back to my memory; for they have encouraged me to keep fighting, keep pressing, know that I am forgiven, and to stay in revival..

    I apologize for the length of this entry. However, I hope that it helps and reaches out to someone in some way.

    Be Blessed!

  3. G’morning saints! God is re-establishing His civilization in the minds of His people! Since the fall, the devil, through perversion of the Word, has distorted and blackened the minds of the people, and created a culture of science to challenge the Word of the Lord. But God will have a people that will not be defiled nor deceived by the tactics of the enemy! We are His habitation! We have the mind of Christ! Though the world craves a tangible, organized God, we are a faith civilization, living and walking in today’s anointed Word, and receiving revelation by the Spirit! You are a chosen generation, a royal prieshood, a holy nation, a peculiar people cultured to worship and display the Christ that dwells in you! Happy Sunday!

    Sunday November 7, 2010

  4. G’morning saints! What an awesome presence there must’ve been when God spoke creation into existence! For He breathed Life upon His Spoken Word and anointed it to grow. He inspired it to come forth! And that’s how it is with every born-again believer! Daily He’s quickening the Word in you, making It real in your life, anointing you to wholly become It little by little unto adoption! And though Satan desires to have you and sift you as wheat, Jesus Himself has prayed for you! (Lk. 22:31) Oh my! Nothing can stop, defeat, or hinder you! Wife of the Lamb, your Husband has prayed for you! You’ve been anointed to grow! Happy Sunday!

    Sunday, October 31, 2010

  5. God bless you, Saints!
    There is something in my heart that I just wanted to say.

    In a recent prayer service, I was praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our congregation, and in the Bride as a whole. I also prayed for the upcoming Acquire the Fire youth meetings. I began reading Joel 2, because I wanted to read about the Lord’s promise to pour out His Spirit in the last days. When I read verse 21, it really struck my heart. It says, “Fear not, O land; be glad and rejoice: for the LORD will do great things.”

    I held on to that verse. Then, Bro. Jack read the same exact thing in the service. I know that God is going to fulfill Joel 2 once more, just like He did in the upper room. We don’t have to worry. God says not to fear, for He WILL do great things.

    The devil is really busy, figthing the youth and such. But, God is even busier. While we’re praying for the Holy Ghost to fall, that mighty outpouring is already on the way! I believe it with all my heart.

    Keep believing, saints. God will not let one word return to Him void. Every promise He gave, He WILL perform!

    God bless you,

  6. I have been very inspired by the Messages that have been coming to us from various ministers and through that inspiration I have wondered how can I be a blessing to someone thru the hearing and reading of God’s Word. Well, recently a trial came up in the lives of my family and through that trial a thought came to me. I will share this thought with you and I pray that whosoever reads it will be blessed and begin to wonder. The thought is “What part of you is God using?”

    Are you His eyes so that you see His sons and daughters as He sees them? Showing compassion, understanding, and lovingkindness, when there are no words to say that will bring comfort to a soul.

    Maybe, you are His arms, that would reach out and embrace a soul lonely, scared and ashamed, so much so that that soul could not hold up his or her head for fear of seeing embrassment or ridicule in the eyes of those who are suppose to see him or her as God sees them.

    Or, you could be His mouth, raising your voices in songs, poems, or words of encouragement for hope, faith and most of all love. Bringing soothing comfort to a tortured soul running for his or her life.

    Are there only special kinds of people allowed to sacrifice reputation, and status to be a blessing or meet the needs of someone. Whatever happened to gettig out of your comfort zone to meet the needs of others.


    In Christ Always

  7. What a weekend to remember! Let Freedom Ring was the theme of the Okeechobee meetings. I was absolutely blessed by the messages I heard from Bro. Perry, Bro. Mullins, and Bro. Caleb. I truly believe the Word had an affect, after I took the limits off of God. I realize that only Christ is worthy, and while everything else is shaking, we are still holding on and the enemy is trying to figure how did we do that.

    Keep the fire burning out of control,
    Bro. Jack

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