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  1. Bro. Leeroy Franklin

    GOD bless you church. Wow, what wonderful bible studies we have been having lately. So great, I can’t wait until next week. Just to briefly explain why I pull on the word in bible studies. Because GOD is in the midst of us. Well to some people it is just another bible study, but to me bible study is no different from preaching, teaching, or any other service. It is just the approach is a little different. It’s all the word of GOD. It’s another meal that comes from the mouth of GOD himself. What a profound thing that is! When I eat natural food, I must open my mouth to receive the food. This is a type for when I go to church. How do i eat? By opening my mouth and saying amen,or that’s right, or preach it brother. Let me ask you a question? Have you ever seen someone at their favorite restaurant eating with a sad look on there face or mad at the food. No, they are smiling, laughing, joking, having a good old time. We are all GOD’S children though different from one another. Our voices are different as some have louder voices and some have soft voices, but we can all open our mouth and eat. In the natural, I smack when I eat food. I can’t help that. I also smack in church by pulling and eating on the word of GOD. I will always remember some advice from my mother when I was a small child. She told me when eating, not to eat to fast because it will not digest correctly. Sometimes it will come back up. In church I listen carefully, not to say amen too fast or too soon. I want it to digest just right so I can spiritually absorb the word of GOD in my soul. Last night that bible study was to good, for me not to comment on it.

    GOD bless you my brothers and sisters, children, babies and all in the church.
    Thank you PASTOR,
    Bro. Leeroy

  2. Bro. Richard Raynor

    A Work in Progress

    There was an old park bench outside my front stoop
    When I tried to sit on it, it through me for a loop

    It fell apart beneath me, but no need for despair
    It was headed for the trash heap, for it was beyond repair

    Yet prior to disposal, I gave it a gander
    Just a quick once over, to consider the matter

    Although it was old, and in a dilapidated state
    I thought to restore it… just what would it take?

    It could be a nice little project, I thought to myself
    Another small victory, just might be good for my health

    Before making a decision, I gave a more thorough inspection
    I saw a hidden value… nearly beyond detection

    The legs were wrought iron, with paint faded and chipped
    Yet no signs of rust; it was still stoutly equipped

    In order to restore, it must first be broken
    Down and reassembled, if it were to be chosen

    For some unknown reason, I could not discard this little bench
    Though it would require a complete restoration, much more than a quick fix

    It’ll take due diligence, yes, a cost would be involved
    But I decided it was worth saving, and so set my resolve

    I disassembled the iron legs and cleaned them up good
    I removed rusty screws, then considered the wood

    The wood was battered and worn; perhaps I’d just buy some new planks
    But the purpose of this project, was to restore it to ranks

    I tested its strength, with a few hard & firm whacks
    It bent, but did not break; it resiliently bounced back

    Though worn and still dirty, there was no doubt
    This pressure treated wood, was still fairly stout

    As part of the restoration process, I would have to sand over
    The exterior layers, weathered and worn
    From neglect and exposure

    At first, I used a coarse grain, and gave lots of pressure
    But the wood was resistant to these harsh measures

    I lighted my strokes, and went with the grain
    And before long, I was beyond the outward stains

    The damage incurred, sank deeply within
    Its rings were very dark, to my initial chagrin

    Oddly… as I wiped away the dust and shavings, from all of the sanding
    What endured beneath that mess, was something rather outstanding

    The stains in the grain fashioned deep intricate rings
    Each well-defined and pronounced; they inspired intimate things

    Amazingly… the trauma to the wood, actually worked out for good
    For it now possessed a richness and character, it by no other means would

    I had to take a moment, to think on these things
    For something profound, was revealed in those wood rings

    My human condition, left me stained deeply as well
    But instead of the trash heap, I was headed for Hell

    Yet much like that wood, I am being restored
    I’m being reformed, to be of service for the Lord.

    The parallels are quite striking, the observant would agree
    In a much similar fashion, God saved and restores me

    Though I’m still a work in progress
    Not all I should be

    I’m so very grateful, that He continues
    To make a project…of me

    R. Raynor

  3. GOD bless you saints. There has been something on my heart for a while now that I would like to share with you. It is about a GPS and we all no what that is. It stands for global positioning service. It tells the driver the fastest route in the shortesr period of time to reach there final destination. Something struck me like a bolt of lighting and this was instantly placed on my heart. GOD also has a GPS. His GPS stands for GOD’S PREDESTINATED SEED and their final destination is the new earth, new Jerusalem as found in Revelation 21. GOD’S GPS is no ordinary GPS. It is a supernatural one and under no circumstances can it ever be stopped. Because it is doing the driving. Sure you can get side tracked or sometimes stop, but you will get back on track. Here is some bible believers, that got side tracked, but they made it to there destination. King David was destined to be king over judah and Jerusalem. No matter what happened in between, he came to his destination. Joseph was destined to go to Egypt. The hole that he was put in could not stop him. Even prison couldn’t stop him. He had to come out to go to Egypt, praise GOD. Another one named Jonah, tried to take another route. GOD caused a storm to get him back on track. He tried to run but, he couldn’t hide. GOD had furnished another ride to Nineveh for him. GOD had destined Nineveh as Jonah’s final destination. He couldn’t get out of it, neither can you are I. The devil and all of hell cannot stop us, Sure he will try to side track us, he will try to slow us down, but not even death can stop us. To stop us is like trying to stop GOD and he cannot be stopped. His plan cannot return VOID, that’s impossible. Do not look at what’s going on now. Hold your head up keep going to the end. Before the world ever was, GOD had a plan of redemption. So you can get a more clearer picture, in the dictionary, redemption means rescue, to take back, deliverance from sin. We are brothers and sisters and we are the fulfillment of GOD’S thoughts from the beginning. We are GOD’S thoughts expressed in a body of flesh. I can almost here is voice say to my bride you have reach your final destination, welcome and enter into the joy of the LORD. I hope this has been an encouragement to someone.

    GOD richly you,
    Bro. LEEROY

  4. To the Bride of Christ, here is some encouraging words to uplift your spirit. When things are not going the way you want them, remember that GOD is in control. When you are going through trial after trial, test after test, keep your head up. Don’t even think about giving up. The fight is in you to go on. Rehearse these words in your heart. Let these words echo in your ears. Say with a loud voice, I GOT TO MUCH TO GAIN TO LOSE. Praise the LORD, hallelujah. Young people in your schools, when they ask you why you dress and act the way that you do?Tell them because, I GOT TO MUCH TO GAIN TO LOSE. First tell them that you get to escape the damnation of hell’s fire. Now tell them that you will gain eternal life, streets of gold, a body change, a happy wonderful life with JESUS. Not just young people; but the older ones too. On your jobs, when they ask you, that question why do you act and dress that way? It’s a way that’s very odd to them. Be stern and tell them, I GOT TO MUCH TO GAIN TO LOSE. Tell them what you got to gain, a new young eternal life body, no more sickness, no more pain, a perfect life, perfect happiness, and to forever be with my LORD JESUS. What more can a mortal ask for. Please don’t be like the rich young ruler in Matthew 19:16. He had it the other way. He had TO MUCH TO LOSE TO GAIN. He had it all in his earthly life as a rich man, but had nothing in heaven. He also lost out on heaven; but he gained the fires of hell. To all that’s reading this passage of scriptures. Please don’t gain sin in your life and lose out on heaven. You can’t gain both places. You got to gain one and lose the other. There is nothing to gain in this world. Look around the world is in a chaotic condition. It’s about to give away, for the new heaven and new earth. Do all you can to gain heaven and to escape hell. I cry out to you, get your life right with my God.

    God richly bless you.
    Bro. Leeroy

  5. I’ve been in this message a long time now, I never was in a service, that I didn’t get blessed. It’s a secret to that, for the new believers, or the ones simply just don’t know, here is my little secret to you. First, always pray up before you come to church, present your request to Him. Maybe you need an answer, some leading, some correction, you may not know that you are wrong on something. When you get to church, after you get through praying, then read your bible, after that worship Him, in a song tell him that you love Him; set the stage, when you do that, GOD will enter into that minister’s mind and direct him throuhgh to the very thing you are going throuh. He will tell you what to do, answer you questions, even tell you what you are doing wrong. He is an on time GOD yes He is! Sometimes I look in awe to the only GOD that can do that. This is very important, when He corrects you never get mad at the minister, I tell you it’s not him its GOD! If it’s good or bad say “amen”! If any thing in your heart against any one repent and please make it right. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that, never sit on GOD, by all means worship him always regardless. An object of worship can only worship, always keep the ox of the team your pastor in prayer and please never gossip about any one. Never become a babbler in the church it could tear up a church, just keep quiet, mind your own business, I encourge you to read “face book”, keep your face in the bible and the message, let my secret become your secret as well, just a little talk to another sheep. GOD bless you

  6. The bible tells us to exercise our faith. In order to do that, first we got to know what exercise means. Well It’s like a person doing bodily exercices, like pumping weights. The more they exercise, the bigger and stronger there muscles become. It’s the same, the more we put our faith to use we are exercising it,it’s becoming a way of life to us. Always remember, your faith from last year won’t do it. You have to keep increasing. Another example, if you keep using the same weight, it will do you no good. That’s why in lifting weights you got to keep adding weight to it, if not your muscles will get used to that weight. It’s the same with our faith muscles, keep using it, lets start it right now, as we pray for each other, you pray for me as I pray for you! May GOD richly bless you
    Bro Leeroy

  7. Throughout the beginning God spoke the world into existence. As Bro. Branham said, He spoke “Let there be…” and walked away. But I noticed something. When God got to man He said, “Let us CREATE man…” He didnt use spoken word to make man. He formed them by hand. He never turned His back and expected it to be done. He watched over His creation from beginning to end and when He was done He saw that it was good! No matter what happens in life, God had His hands and eyes on you. He uses the “dirt” you go through to mold you into His perfect image. Keep pressing on! You’re in Gods hands. Everything will be alright 🙂

    Isaiah 64:8
    Yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.

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