Pastor Jack E. Duff

The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened To You

11 September 2013

I PETER 4:12-13
12 Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:
13 But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.

Recently, we asked a question at church; “What is the greatest thing that ever happened to you?” The answers included salvation, children’s salvation, being filled with the Holy Ghost, waking up and deciding I no longer wanted to live in sin, receiving deliverance from spiritual bondage, and the test that God used to bring us closer to Him.

After reading the answers I told the church that God’s prophet said the greatest thing that ever happened to us was the test. Wow, not the outcome of the test, but the test itself is the greatest thing that could ever happen to us. I guess that is why James said that we should “count it all joy when we fall into divers temptations”.


In the days of Daniel’s time, there was four overcomers that could stand the test of fire and lion. Now, we’re expected to be tested. That’s a good lesson for my–my brother back there, also. “He that cometh to God must first be tested.” Tested (what?) with the Word. That’s God’s test. Do you believe it? [Congregation says, “Amen.”–Ed.] “He that cometh to God must be tested.” That only shows a true child, then, see, be tested, and when the test comes on. You can’t overcome ‘less there’s a test give to you. And when test is given, it’s to see whether you can overcome or not. And Jesus said, “To him that overcometh,” the test. The test is the greatest thing that ever happened to you. I believe it’s written in the Scripture, Peter said, that, “Our trials are worth more to us than precious gold.” It’s a testing time. It’s one good evidence to us that God is with us, when we’re tested, for all children of God are tested and tried.

William Marrion Branham

Keep pressing on saints. The test only shows that you have found favor with God.

Pastor Jack E. Duff

Ask For Big Things

23 July 2013

Ephesians 3:20 – Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

I have been journeying through the book of Joshua and enjoying my trip. Caleb made the profound request of receiving a specific mountain. He asked for something difficult and knew that he was just as strong that day as the day he received the promise from the prophet Moses. We too have been encouraged by a prophet to ask God for big things. Take the limit off of God and allow Him to to do the exceeding, abundant, above all you can ask or think in your life.


And God will never… You can never exhaust God’s love and mercy to you. You say, “Well, I hate to bother You so much, Father.”

He wants to be bothered that way. He does. Don’t never think that you could ever ask too much of God. I believe the Scripture said, “You have not, because you ask not. And you ask not, because you believe not.”

He wants us to ask and believe that our joys would be full. He wants you to ask abundantly. Ask for big things; don’t limit your faith to some little mustard seed. Get on out here to some other kind of faith, and move out in big things. Ask… Big things is just as easy to receive as little things. You just have to believe; that’s all. And you got faith, just know exactly how to use it, and it’ll be all right. You can put it right to work and it’ll just be fine.

William Marrion Branham

Pastor Jack E. Duff

Crown of Righteousness

8 January 2013

Recently we have endured the loss of 2 precious saints. Certainly we feel the loss in earth but realize there is no possible way that either of the saints would trade places with us at this moment. We rejoice in knowing that we will reunite on heaven’s beautiful shore. Paul stated the following and I feel it is the testimony of every child of God as we cross over.

7 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:

8 Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.

Yes, it is the testimony of every saint. I have fought a good fight. I am sure our precious sisters are enjoying their crowns for they truly loved the appearing of the Lord. I believe the following quote will aide us in understanding what the crown of righteousness is.

When you’re sick and tired of this whole life, and you love the appearing of the Lord Jesus better than you love your food at the table, or your wife, or your children, then there’s a crown laid up for you, not a crown, a gold crown they put upon your head, but a body free from pain of… crowned in the glory of God, crowned in the immortality of Jesus Christ. That’s what’s laid up for you, that the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give you it that day. That’s the day we look forward to. God has made a way of escape for every one of us, certainly He has.

William Branham


When the battle is over, we shall wear a crown.

Pastor Jack E. Duff

Intentional Blessings

10 November 2012

Ruth 2:16
And let fall also some of the handfuls of purpose for her, and leave them, that she may glean them, and rebuke her not.

Lately, we have combed the book of Ruth and found many spiritual nuggets. The story of Boaz and Ruth can be told over and over again as it is a beautiful type of Christ and His lovely Gentile bride. The characters within this story depict many of the characters in our daily lives. We all have an Orpah as she represents the person or persons who attempt to pull us into wrong choices. Just as we have an Orpah, we also have a Naomi who represents the person or people in our lives who try to get us to make Godly decisions.  God give us strength to stand on our convictions as Ruth did. Where you go, I will go. Your people will be my people. Where you die, I will die. Your God will be my God. Because of this decision, Ruth received intentional blessings. I trust you will also receive intentional blessings from the angels of God.

Then he went to the young men, the others… He said, “Now, she’s gleaning for life. Now, I want you reapers, you angels…” In other words, that’s what they are. Said, “I want you angels, you reapers, every once in a while to drop a handful on purpose. (Oh, my.) Don’t let it all be so tiresome for her. But every once in a while, let her hear a good message. Let a good power of the Holy Spirit cover over her once in a while to let her know that I’m still there. Do some kind of a healing amongst her. Show some kind of a sign or a wonder, that she’ll know that I’m in her midst.” That’s it.

Don’t you like to find them handfuls? I hope we find some this morning, don’t you? A handful of fresh barley… The Lord do something that He used to do, something that we know He does. He’s the Lord of the harvest. He’s the only One that can drop the handful, “I command the angels to go down to that meeting this morning; I want them to do a certain-certain thing. I’ve commanded them, and they’ll do it.” Oh, my.

William Branham

Pastor Jack E. Duff

You Have An Inheritance

31 August 2012

The title of this post triggers an excitement within my spirit. First of all having an inheritance means that someone thought enough about me, that they would consider leaving something special to me. Secondly, when hearing that you have an inheritance in generates a sense of expectation. Finally, there is no one that can take what has been designated for you. After reading this quote on Wednesday night I was moved to share it on the webiste. I trust it will bless you as it blessed us.

I used to oftentime wonder what’s the matter with the Christian church, they’re so scared of things. Why, you’ve got nothing to be scared about. The first word nearly Jesus said after the resurrection, “Fear not.” See, don’t fear. Don’t get scared. There ain’t nothing going to happen. Nothing can happen. Nothing can bother a Christian. Amen. Not even death itself can even touch the Christian. “He that heareth My words, and believeth on him that sent Me, hath Everlasting Life, and shall not come into condemnation; but has passed from death to Life.” Amen.
Death itself has no reign over a Christian. Christ died in our stead. Amen. What a marvelous… What–what a faith that ought to build up in the people, something that’ll toe the mark. You’ll never get nothing by being a little jellyfish Christian. No, sir. Did you ever see a jellyfish? You just hit him, he splatters all over everything. See? A jellyfish, you know what usually eats them? The crabs and things along the side of the seashore, comes up with his pincher and cuts him in two and takes him down, ’cause the jellyfish just lays there.
Brother, we need some Christians, not jellyfish, but with a backbone (That’s right.) that’ll stand. Oh, I don’t mean to fuss with people, but stand for your God given rights that Christ died for. Certainly. Not pushed around, we don’t have to be. No, sir. We got a–we got an inheritance. Amen. And our inheritance belongs to us. It’s your privilege to have anything that you inherited, through accepting Jesus Christ and dying to yourself. How marvelous. Yes, sir. Satan said, “Well, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.”
“No, you ain’t going to do nothing.” That’s the way to talk back to him. Say, “I know my position in Christ, and you just might as well get away. I ain’t listening to you no more. I got an inheritance.”

William Marrion Branham

Pastor Jack E. Duff

Patience (With one another)

24 August 2012

We are having a wonderful time studying the ‘Stature of A Perfect Man’ as spoken of in Ephesians 4 and II Peter 1. In focusing on the virtue of patience, Bro. Branham mention that we needed to have patience to wait on God just as Abraham, Noah, Moses, Daniel, Paul, The Pentecostals in the upper room, and the 3 Hebrew boys did. He also brought to our attention that we should have patience one for the other. In thinking on that, I considered the following quote and thought I would share it with you.

…..If the devil can keep us separated, he–he’s got us shooting at one another, so he–he–he’s got a open target anywhere he wants to shoot. And what’s the use of shooting, we’re shooting one another? See, see? So he can just set back and relax.

But did you ever… Let me just give you… If I have found grace in your sight through God, you take my word for this, brethren. If you want to be a blessing, and get a blessing, when a man has done you wrong, and he has absolutely justly, he… I mean he has done you wrong and you know that he’s done you wrong; he’s done you evil. Don’t mention that; you take him to prayer before God. And don’t take it in a way of just a selfish and say, “Well, I’m supposed to do this.” But stand with your shoulder to his shoulder, and stand in the Presence of God our Father, way a prayer should be made in the Presence of God, say, “Father, here’s my brother, and he–he is justly; he deserves punishment because he has–he’s done me evil. And I don’t see why he did it.”

Then let God go to talking to you. And you’ll see maybe, what that man’s been through. The devil has twisted him up somewhere and caused him to do that. Though he’s absolutely wrong, before you leave the throne of God you’ll be feeling sorry for that man. You’ll be sympathizing with that brother. And when you get back down to where–earth again, you’ll go over to that brother and shake his hand, ’cause you know what he’s been through. You can’t stand with a mortal in the Presence of God and condemn anybody, I don’t believe, no, sir, even if he is a rank sinner.

And what about a brother that has made a mistake? Though I say he’s wrong. Sometimes he’s accused wrong when he’s not wrong. But if he is wrong, well, if we will take him to the throne of God, stand there shoulder-to-shoulder with our brother, knowing he’s a mortal, and maybe his destination rests upon our attitude towards him, when we come back from the throne of God, we’ll realize that we’re every one guilty, and we all need help one from the other. And the best way to do is pray.

William Marrion Branham

Pastor Jack E. Duff

Strengthen The Inner Man

20 April 2012

Paul spoke the following in Ephesians 3:16:

That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;

We enjoyed a really good series on strengthening the Inner Man. While walking though this subject we used the chart on Body, Spirit, and Soul. This helped to clarify the inner man that lays in the realm of the soul. The inner man is controlled by doubt or faith. What a journey we had, but how we all desire the reality of what we learned. It was a really good series where we discovered the quote below and it brought much encouragement to the believers in our local assembly. I believe this quote will encourage anyone facing a trial in the form of sickness.

Talking, and a group of doctors, other day. He said–he said, “I read your book on Divine healing.”

I said, “I guess you criticized.”

Said, “No, sir. I admit that you’re right.”

I said, “Thank you, Dr. Schoen.”

He said–he said, “Brother Branham, we have record that when we tell a person that’s got a malignancy, or–or something is going to kill him, an ulcer ready to burst, or tubercular, it depends on what attitude they take. If they get all tore up,” said, “they die right away. But,” said, “if they take the attitude, ‘Well, dying is just part of living. It’s all right, when I die,'” said, “you know, it almost retards that case?”

I just thought, “If that mental attitude, taken like that, what will it do when the Holy Spirit strikes that inner man?” There it is. It’s… I asked him that.

He said, “Certainly, that’s right, if you can move into a spot, move up into that.” One of the best surgeons and doctors there is in southland, he said, “If it’s… Mr. Branham, it can be proved. If a man will move, can move up into that spot, until even his own mind don’t even know he’s got it, to think he’s got it, and don’t even pay any attention to it,” said, “it would do it, if he can believe that.” That’s true. See?

The mental attitude you take towards it will bring… Now, the mind won’t do it. But if you give that attitude towards something got Life in it, then that Life comes down and does it. Not your mental attitude; that only brings you in the Presence of Him. That’s what you do, your mind. The five senses is all right as long as they don’t deny God. But when they go to denying God, then you leave them alone. God controls them. That’s the Creator.

Wiliam Branham

I pray that God will strengthen your inner man as you endure the trial. May God give you grace to press towards the mark of the higher calling which is in Christ Jesus, your Lord.

Pastor Jack E. Duff


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