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February 2020 – Formal Banquet

6 November 2019
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Spirit and Truth Tabernacle Formal Banquet Dinner

From 6:00pm until 10:00pm

At Hawthorne Suites

301 Lamberton Dr, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Formal Banquet Information:

  • The cost of the formal banquet is $34 per person for ages are 13 and up.
  • All attendees are required to register.
  • Registration and payment is due by January 23, 2020.
  • Seating is limited so please complete the registration immediately.
  • Payment via PayPal.

(Please note: This online submission will process through PayPal. Unfortunately, PayPal will require additional funds for processing. The approximate cost will be $35.29 per person.)

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