Acquire The Fire

Our expectations were once again exceeded during the Acquire the Fire 2015 meetings. Our theme scripture was:

Colossians 1:21-22
21    And you, that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled
22    In the body of his flesh through death, to present you holy and unblameable and unreproveable in his sight:

Our theme in 2014 was Transformation, but this year we wanted to encourage the youth to keep holding to the truth that has been revealed through God’s prophet. We are part of a group that was born to overcome, We are ordained to not fall, as Eve fell in the beginning.

The Church is the Blood of Christ, by the Spirit, because the–the Life is in the Blood. That’s the baptism of the Holy Ghost that baptizes us into His Body, that recognizes only His Body, His flesh, His Word. [Brother Branham pats his Bible–Ed.]
Denomination won’t, never touch that. It’s a revelation. She knows it. So did Eve know it, but she fell; but this one knows it, and won’t fall. She is ordained! Hallelujah! Whew! She is ordained to not fall. She won’t fail. She is predestinated to it.

We appreciate all the prayers and support we received to make our meetings successful. We wanted to share the services with you and we pray the services will both strengthen and encourage your heart. The Lord richly bless you as you relive the experience. I trust that you will truly Acquire the Fire.

Pastor Jack E. Duff

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4 Comments to “Acquire The Fire”

  1. May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you all! I was wondering what happened to “Acquire the Fire”? What happened to the youth meetings and the youth banquet? I was really blessed through these meetings.


    Sister Jenny

  2. Last but not least, my comments on the acquire the fire meeting. I couldn’t make all the meetings in person, but what I got and seen on the internet, I truly enjoyed it. It was breathtaking on how the young people entered into the services. There attendance, their worship, your dedication to the services, the order of the services, it was awesome. I salute you young people for the effort you put in the services. That’s what made the services so successful as all the services was a blessing. Young people you were instructed, equipped, you got all the necessary tools, and the whole armor to go out and defeat your enemy. Now, my question to you young people is WHAT IS YOUR DEFENSE. Here are some bible young soldiers, like yourselves, that had to fight. Young David, had a slingshot. Young samson had a Nazarite vow. The 3 young Jews in the burning furnace held on to their stand for the Word. You will be tried the same way they were tried, to see if you will stand on what you believe. Look around young people, even sinners sometimes stand for what they believe. There’s young people in your schools, on your jobs and another examples is a group called the gothic. They believe in wearing all there clothing black. The school can’t change them. Another group will not eat everything, only what there diet calls. They also will not where their pants hanging down either. They got a strong stand and again no one can change them for that’s there belief. They hold to that and these groups are not swayed by peer pressure. They don’t have a problem with it. To me there shouldn’t be one young person, thats of age, in this message that should have a problem with it. You set the standard. You put peer pressure on them. For you should be so much like JESUS in living a life that’s so GODLY, that you should be an odd ball to them. Whatever you do young people, please hold your stand and don’t deviate or let down for nothing.

    May God richly bless you,
    Bro. Leeroy

  3. I thank God for the words of not only edification, but also correction. I really appreciate all those over at Spirit and truth for all there hard work and of course those at Alpha and Omega Tab. . Its amazing if I didn’t know better I would think that all the preachers were given notes to preach from!! Because God used them so wonderfully and put them right together, but I know that God is the one that gave them there messages…. Because it was exactly what I needed.
    Bro. Hugo MacDonald

  4. We certainly appreciate these ministers who provided water for our thirsty souls. The messages were appropriate for our circumstances. As they say in South Africa, God is smart. He knows just how to speak to our conditions.

    Bro. Jack Duff

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