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  1. Lately I have been thinking about the word amen and why is it so important in worship. The very word amen means, so be it or it is so. God wants a response back from us. It’s like a two handed saw, that goes both ways. If we pull, God will give back. The more we pull, the more God gives back. Let’s say that the church body all goes out to eat at a restaurant. We prepare ourselves with our utensils, then comes the food and we are ready to eat. We don’t just look at the food and shake our heads up and down, but we open our mouths wide and we begin to eat. We know that we can’t eat with a closed mouth. Also at a football game, they don’t have to tell us to respond. We pull with our loud voices for our favorite team to win. In the book of Nehemiah chapter 8, Ezra reads the law to the people. All the people were attentive and as Ezra read from the pulpit of wood, all the people answered amen. Bro. Branham told us in this message to come to church expecting to receive something from God. We get what we are expecting to get from God. God knows all of our needs. Let’s come to church each service hungry and ready to eat. Let’s lift up our Loud voices to him and worship him in Spirit and in Truth. I have also noticed many times in the scriptures Jesus cried out with a loud voice. To me being under expectation also means if I want something different to happen in service, I got to do something different.For example every time I come to church, I park in the same place, set in the same seat, worship the same way, stand up about the same time, sit down at the same time. I worship the same as I always do by clapping my hands, and raising my hands the same way all the time. If I do the same, I will only get the same results. I gotta break away from that old trend to get different results.

    God bless each and every one of you,
    Bro. Leeroy

  2. To my young brothers and sisters in this Message, I was reading some of your wonderful posts on Are U Living the Message and Young People for the Message. Your comments are truly a blessing to me. I strongly urge you to please continue to do so. Satan hates that. He even hates you. Why because God is in you, and he and all of hell can’t stop you. Why, because you are an Invincible Army. Invincible means to powerful to be defeated or overcome. You are God’s Mighty Army, Warriors.

    The devil’s goal is to see you fall or quit serving and loving God. The devil is so jealous of God and you. The devil is the master of deception. He twists and misrepresents the word of God. He is a false impersonator and tries to copy everything that God does. For example God has a church, he gets a church. God has a son, he gets a son. God first had an Eden, now Satan has an Eden. There is one thing that Satan can’t copy and that is the life of a HolyGhost filled Believer. He can’t get them to stop loving and living for God. He has tried everything. He tried to burn, boil, threaten, persecute, and beat, that HolyGhost life out, but he can’t and he never will do it.

    In Matt 13.47-50, Jesus likens the Kingdom of Heaven to a net. You see God’s Net is called THE GOSPEL NET, but Satan tried to copy it, with the Internet. I want you to know Satan got a well connected network and it is lethal. He uses it to quickly spread his demonic influence around the world. It can be a good tool for the believers to spread God’s true word.

    In Daniel 12:4 it speaks of how knowledge will increase in the last days. Remember Eve and Adam fell after listening to the serpent’s knowledge. Satan is using that same Tree of Knowledge Good ad Evil as bait to lure you. He uses emails that has a certain heading on it, to get you to click on it. He uses APPS as bait also. Something is presented in a way to get you to click on it, to lure you.

    He uses half naked and naked images for you to look at. He tried to get you to surfing and clicking on things that are not Godly or edifying. He wants you to spend countless hours on the Internet to get your attention from God, church, reading your bibles, or listening to tapes of this Message. He wants to pull you away little by little.

    There is something call Super Trawling. It is a method od fishing that involves dragging and pulling your net through the waters. It is pulled along the bottom of the sea or in midwater at a specified Depth. That’s what Satan wants to do to you. Once he catches you in his net, he will start dragging and pulling you away from God, your church, family, and friends. He will get you to a place, that you forget that you are a son or a daughter of God. He will even make you forget your calling and purpose.

    Internet, Email, Facebook, and many other websites make courting or dating very easy now. I love technology and quick information as it makes life a whole lot easier. What I am tring to put across to you, is you control theses things, and not let theses things control you.

    God Bless all of you wonderful young people,
    Bro. Leeroy Franklin

  3. As an older brother, I would like to encourage all the youth as there is a youth meeting that will happen soon. This Christian race is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. A marathon is a long distance race, which is long lasting and difficult. This Christian race is not of speed, but of endurance. It’s not them that start the race, but it’s the one that finishes. In 1 Corinthians 9:24, the Apostle Paul is comparing a Christian life with a race. In a natural marathon preparation is important before the race. It’s crucial in knowing how to train and prepare, physically and mentally. You got must have a tremendous amount of endurance. You got to have a strict diet and eat healthy. It is also good to warm up before the Race. In a marathon a Certified athletic training Coach is good to have. In this Christian race your certified training coaches are the five fold ministers in this Message. They are described in Ephesians 4:11. They are all certified by Jesus. They will train you and teach you of all that is needed to win the race. Their are things that can and will slow you down. Things like the World, bad habits, Complexes,the wrong king of Friends all theses things and more like load you down. You don’t need to pack up, but you need to unpack all that’s going to slow you down or stop you from running. You need to set a pace and be persistent. Run with patience and by all means keep you eyes on the Prize. Keep your eyes on Jesus and follow and do all that the Word of God tells you to do. The ministry will instruct you until the end and until your race is over.

    God Bless You,
    Bro. Leeroy

  4. I want to comment on the meetings in Okeechobee Fl. on Feb,12,13,14 2016. To me it was a different, but very special. God moved in a way like He never moved before. Our prayers and fasting helped to produce the results.G od spoke on ‘Moving Forward’, ‘A Fresh Anointing’, identification and placing. It confirmed the very thing our Local ministry was preaching for weeks. Only God can do that. My faith is now on a much higher level than before. The meetings produced unity as well.

    What really stuck out to me was, who we really are, our identity. Now here is a natural type. As a child we go through teenage years, called adolescence. It is a process of developing from a young child to teenage then to adult. During adolescence, it is a hard time for teenagers and they all usually go through an identity crisis. It s a period of uncertainly and confusion in which the teen’s sense of their identity becomes uncertain. Spiritually we have an identity crisis until meet God’s purpose. God places us and tells us who we really are and what He has called us to do. God uses the ministry through preaching to guide us to our places.

    When the Prodigal son left home, before his Father placed him, he left home and fell in sin. Finally he came to himself and went back home. He wanted to reduce himself from a son to a servant. Since he came into the world by his Father, he will always be a son of his Father,no matter what he did. That didn’t change who he is.

    In the book of Daniel the enemy captured 4 Israelite believers and changed their names to Babylonian names. The purpose of changing names was to help erase their attachments, to their own nation and religion. In God’s sight they was and will always be Israelite believers. That’s what the devil wanted to do to us. He wants to capture us sin and give us another identity from the one that we are birthed in. The devil can never change who we are. Remember Bro. Branham said I no longer call you church, but now I call you the Bride, Mrs. Jesus Christ.

    Never let the devil change your identification. We are born again believers. If we fall down or slip and do wrong, that still won’t change God’s mind about us. God gave a character fitting for our new name. The devil is no match for us because Jesus is on the inside.

    God bless you,
    Bro. Leeroy Franklin

  5. I just briefly want to express my prayers and my condolences to all that knew this wonderful, sainted man. He was a godly man, a husband, father, and grandfather. He was so much to so many people. He had something special about him. His demeanor and the way he expressed himself was special. There was never a time that he changed. During sickness, troubling times, happy, sad, nothing changed the way he acted and conducted himself around others. He loved to talked about Jesus. Now I say to all his family, friends and co-wrokers; be encouraged. The Bible says its a time to live, and a time to die. Remember though, a saint can’t die, so he passed away. He passed from this life to another life. He just moved to his other house. That new body is young, healthy, and will never get old or sick again.

    He told me, he always liked when I sang, called What A Day That Will Be. His purpose in this life was up. God called him and he is gathered now with the other saints. Just like Abraham did, he gathered to his people in Genesis 25:7-8 and like Isaac gathered to his people in Genesis 35:28-29. When the time came he left this seen and went to another seen. It is a heavenly seen in another dimension. There is one thing that stuck out with him and that was his wisdom naturally and spiritually. He was a man that was gifted. You see true wisdom is developed through tough times especially in sickness. Proverbs 22:1 and the book of Ecclesiastes 7:1 speaks about having a good name. He truly had a good name and lived a life to go with that name. He was a honest, straight forward, gentle, but bold man.

    I looked up the name Roosevelt and discovered it means a rose field or field of roses. Roses is very fitting to his character. When his enemy death gave him a ride across the river of time, he was gathered with the other saints, like Bro. Mike. I can almost picture in my mind, a saint say ‘hey, here comes another believer that made it.’ Bro. Mike might say, what’s their name? Someone answers, it’s Bro. Burrs. You know Bro. Mike would say no, it can’t be. He would say yes brothers its me. I can here Bro. Mike screaming for joy and saying glory glory, glory.

    I will end with this. Sure it hurts that he is gone, but to know that he made it, and is doing better than us here should give us joy. To the family members and friends that knew him, the best thing that you can do for him is to meet him there. After the Home Going Service is over, it does not have to end. You could see him and be with him again forever and never to depart again. He was ready for his going. will you be ready too? If you are not ready, please get ready. We all know what it takes to get ready. We must have a surrendered life to Jesus Christ.

    God bless each and every one of you. I love you.
    Bro. Leeroy

  6. God bless you church family. It seems like over the Last 5 years, God is taking home precious brothers and sisters at a much faster rate, than 20 years ago. But I can say that all the saints He has taken home were prepared to leave. There is no doubt in my mind that they are in a better place now. The last one that I saw was our precious Brother Mike. He fought a good fight until God was finish with him in this life. No funeral service is easy, but it truly is a joy to know they made it. Surely he is Going to be missed, just like all the rest. It was good to see all that came out to show their respects. My question to all that are reading this post is, are you Ready to go? When your time on Earth is done, have you made preparation to go home. Can you say without a shadow of doubt in your mind, that when you die in this life, you will have life again on the other side with Jesus. You are the only one that can answer that question. I will also say this. The way we live now in this life will determine where we are going when we leave. It will either be heaven or hell. The choice is entirely up to us. Our Life now is our eulogy. One more thing. If we can show our respects to those who died, what about showing respects to the living Christ. We know that Jesus died, rose, and is living now. Jesus is the only doorway to Heaven. You got to know Him and serve Him. Please don’t walk away from Him. I hate that Devil so much. I don’t want to see one human in hell, but humans will be their. Isaiah 5:14 says hell has enlarged herself. Please don’t let hell make additional room for you. I got to tell you the truth. Don’t let the devil deceive you by telling you that you are OK, when you know you are not.

    God bless you,
    Bro.Leeroy Franklin

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